D-Bug is a tablet puzzle-platformer game targeted at children aged 10-12. The core concept is that a handheld gameboy-liked device named BUTTON has been infected with bugs, and needs the player’s help to de-bug it.

The mechanic for doing this is taking control of all the bugs in each level – when you shoot a bug, you don’t kill it; rather, you become it. The cool thing is that, when you take control of each bug, the interface of BUTTON transforms to reflect the right inputs for controlling that bug.

Throughout the experience, the personified spirit of BUTTON will guide you, make sassy jokes, and keep you company as you try to help it out.


  • Team: 6
  • Role: Team Lead, Designer/Programmer
  • Type: Videogame, Mobile
  • Tools/Platform: Unity/C#
  • Date: Spring 2014 – Winter 2015
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA / Dundee, Scotland


  • Team Choice Award from Dare To Be Digital