Smooch Station

Smooch Station is a cooperative licking game for two players, in the form of an interactive installation.

The machine is operated by placing one’s mouth around a pacifier and licking it to produce music. When both players are producing music in sync, the machine responds with lights and colors. The objective is to keep in sync long enough to fill the machine with lights.

Smooch Station began in the Alt.Ctrl Game Game Jam, which encourages game designers, makers, and artists to collaborate on novel control schemes to create new interactive play experiences.


  • Team: 4
  • Role: Designer/Developer
  • Type: Installation
  • Tools/Platform: Unity/C#, Arduino
  • Date: Fall 2015 – Winter 2017
  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark


  • First place, Alt.Ctrl Game Jam 2015
  • Featured at IndieCade Europe (Paris)