I am available for remote freelance/contract work as a developer/producer, design consultant, or instructor for experiences in VR/AR/Games/Mobile.

  • Platforms: Mobile, PC, VR, AR
  • Tools: Unity/C#, Blender, Photoshop
  • Qualifications: BA in Interactive Entertainment;  MSc in IT – Games
  • Portfolio
  • Resume

I am currently based in the Eastern US (DC Metro Area).



For Game Studios

I am a team player with 3+ years experience working remotely. Check out my portfolio and resume; highlights include an IGF nomination and a successfully funded Kickstarter.

Levels, Gameplay, Game Feel, Puzzle, Narrative
Feature Prototyping, Gameplay Programming, Scripting, UI
Project management and marketing for your game

For Companies

I am highly trained in creating emotionally resonant digital/physical experiences using technology. At the same time, I have the technical and logistical chops to bring an idea of any size to life.

Rapid Prototyping
Quick MVP to test out your idea for a game or immersive experience
Design and Development
Custom VR/AR/game experience design for your brand
Play Design
Gamification and play-ification for your product, service, or event

For your workplace, venue, or event:

Custom Experiences
Custom immersive experience or interactive installation
Design workshops and/or development training

For Individuals

Do you have an idea that you want to bring to life? Whether you’re just flexing your creative muscles or you have a grand vision, I can help you achieve your goals. Message me for a free consultation!

A prototype/final product tailored to your wishes
Private coaching in developing games/experiences (including AR/VR/Mobile)
Learn how to build your own apps and experiences with developers like me at Circuitstream


You can reach me via: